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Assistance to manual handling | EMEA

Assist wheel drive

Assist wheel drive provides a quick electrical assistance to any manual handling equipment 

Efficient assistance for rolling equipment

The ez-Wheel® ASSIST WHEEL DRIVE range is a simple and efficient solution to quickly bring electric assistance to any rolling equipment or vehicles. 

Applied to manual equipment, it can solve major issues for employees as well as for companies:  

• reduces professional risks, especially Musculoskeletal disorders 

• helps to reduce sick leave and offers an increase in productivity of up to +50%  

• doubles the load for a fifth of the effort  

• generates a return on investment in less than 1 year


The most integrated industrial electric wheels 

ez-Wheel proposes the first electric wheel featuring embedded motor, batteries and electronics.  

Quick fitting ez-Wheel® technology removes all the peripherals from the chassis, making the integration of these solutions a fast and easy task compared to other alternatives.

Which wheel for which use? 


roue electrique serie 160M+ 

Series 150  

Series 160  

• Adapted to industrial environment 

• Ø 150 mm 

• 1000 kg moved 

• 92 sh.A Blickle® Extrathane flat profile or  

63 sh.A Soft Polyurethane flat profile 

• 0 à 5 km/h 

•  Shockproof housing 

• Adapted to medical and logistics environments 

• Ø 158 mm 

• 750 kg moved 

• 70 sh.A Polyurethane flat profile 

• Antistatic for ESD prevention 

• 0 to 5 km/h 

• Waterproof housing 


One kit to motorize all your industrial rolling equipment!

EW1A-SK150A ASSIST WHEEL DRIVE Series 150 kit provides a quick electrical assistance to industrial handling equipment such as tool trolley, rolling equipment for factories, mobile workstation, etc.

[+charger and cables]

Key points

  • Ready to use
    The kit includes all the components you need to motorize your mobile applications: wheel drive with integrated batteries, suspension, hand control, charger and cables.
    Its robust assembly enables to move heavy loads and withstand severe shock and vibration. 1000 kg can be moved effortlessly by operators.
    In addition to its ergonomic design, the control unit features a LED display indicating the wheel's battery level and state of charge.

ez-Wheel® solutions have been adopted by hundreds of major industrial companies in Europe especially in the fields of Automotive, Factory logistics, Food processing and Pharmaceutics.  

Series 150

Electric wheel for industry 
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Series 160

Electric wheel for medical & logistics
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Series 150

Electric wheel for industry 
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Series 160

Electric wheel for medical & logistics
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