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We offer a wide range of solutions that help companies solve challenges and improve overall operations, creating positive business results. We continue to support increasingly intelligent and networked mechanical systems.

Eliminate explosion risk

Intrinsic measures. Eliminate the risk of explosion with intrinsic measures.
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Smart implementation

Traceable systems. Get smart implementation of the latest traceability system.
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Get easy traceability

Easy traceability. Use the extremely simple method to achieve dicer traceability.
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Create space inside equipment

Compact equipment. Create space inside semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
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Improve traceability

Code readers. Improve traceability and reduce costs at the same time.
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Prevent downtime

Easy switch replacements. Prevent downtime by ensuring quick and easy replacement of switches.
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Reduce downtime

Smart lighting. Reduce downtime by 20% with long-life lighting that require less light replacement.
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Reduce costs

Photoelectric sensors. Reduce costs with a new method that detects transparent films in the TAB process.
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Ensure safety standards compliance

U.S. Compliant switchboards. Ensure that your distribution panel/switchboard exported to the United States complies with safety standards.
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Emergency-off (EMO) switches

Smart EMO switches. Enable secure shutoff to only the circuit under dangerous conditions.
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Downsize manufacturing equipment

Compact safety door switches. Contribute to the downsizing of semiconductor manufacturing equipment with the thinnest safety-door switches on the market.
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Reduce manufacturing process stops

Flush switches. Reduce manufacturing process stops that are due to mistakes during operations.
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