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Our challenge is to create new values and a safe and sustainable society.


1.Safety Strategy to Create New Values

The IDEC Group has been relentlessly pursuing absolute safety where people interface with machines. Such uncompromising pursuit has led to the development of machine safety and explosion-proof safety technologies and continual improvements in control devices and systems. It has also produced a large pool of accredited safety professionals within the IDEC Group who possess vast safety knowledge and wide experiences in ensuring safety. These safety assessors are placed throughout our various departments, and they are adding tremendous value to our products and services. Their in-house training and consulting promote the importance of safety awareness in workplace, forcing us to take on challenges of maximizing safety while maintaining high productivity. In responding to the industry trends such as IoT and robotic manufacturing, we are promoting "Safety 2.0," the next generation collaborative safety, where people and robots interact. IDEC is delivering on its commitments to making contributions to our society by ensuring safety without compromising productivity.

2.Working toward a Sustainable Society

Today we face a variety of social challenges: acceleration of global warming, a food shortage induced by an increase in world population, a declining birth rate and population aging resulting in a labor shortage in some developed countries, to list a few.

The IDEC Group's efforts toward a sustainable society encompass offering complete solar power packages to industrial, commercial and residential clients, and producing own solar power to sell to utility companies. Aiming for sustainable agriculture, we began offering agricultural automation solutions that utilize our proprietary ultrafine bubble generation and control technologies. Our collaborative robotic systems that are capable of working in concert with people will further ease the labor shortage problem. We continue to deliver on our commitments to building a sustainable society.

3. Respect for Human Rights

Since its founding, the IDEC Group has supported a human rights policy. The policy of respect for human rights as described in our Corporate Mission Statements and Management Philosophy states that the company is responsible for providing a work environment that supports employees in their efforts to grow as a person and enrich their lives through meaningful work.

We have continued our efforts to make it easier for employees to maintain a life-work balance. As a result, overtime work has been reduced, and all of the female employees who took a childcare leave returned to work. In recent years, the company made it possible for employees, male or female, to take a family care leave so that they can attend to their personal needs to care for a family member while maintaining a work environment in which they could fulfill their potential, maintain good health, and enjoy an active life. 

Believing that a true global corporation requires a diverse workforce, we actively recruit and employ female employees, people with disabilities, and people with different nationalities. We offer a positive work environment where individual differences are respected and employees with different backgrounds and capacities can demonstrate their own abilities to the fullest.

4.Trustworthy Company in a Global Community

To deliver more transparency, it is important to have dialogue about our CSR efforts with our multiple stakeholders including investors, business analysts, customers, users, stockholders, local communities, and non-profit organizations. As a UNGC* participant, we adhere to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact as a socially responsible citizen of the global community. We continue our efforts to be a corporation trusted by our multiple stakeholders, which is the fundamental stance of our business activities. We continue to advance toward a sustainable society.

* The United Nations Global Compact is an initiative for "enterprises voluntarily acting as good members of society by demonstrating responsible, creative leadership, and participating in a global framework to achieve sustainable growth."

Toshi K. Funaki
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer