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Recognizing the goal of a harmonious existence with the earth that we all share, the IDEC Group makes environmental safety and quality a top priority in all aspects of our business while pursuing sustainable business growth.

Environmental Policy      Climate Change Initiatives
Environmental Policy
Environmental Management
Information Disclosure Based on the TCFD Recommendations
■ Initiatives for Reducing CO2 Emissions
 Development of Eco-Friendly Products
・ Introduction of Self-Consuming Solar Power Generation
・ Environmental Energy Business
Environmental Management SystemCircular Economy
Environmental Management System    
ISO 14001
Management of Chemical Substances
Environmental Accounting

Initiatives for Recycling
Initiatives for Reducing Industrial Wastes
Green Purchasing

Initiatives for NatureSupply Chain Management
Water Resources
■ Purchasing Policy
■ Responsible Minerals Sourcing Policy
■ Code of Conduct for Procurement Activities
■ CSR Procurement Guidelines
■ Green Procurement
■ Communicating with Suppliers