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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Recognizing the goal of a harmonious existence with the earth that we all share, the IDEC Group makes environmental safety and quality a top priority in all aspects of our business while pursuing sustainable business growth.

Environmental Management

We implement targets for environment based on the ISO14001 Environmental Management System. We consider environmental destruction risks to be the most significant target of crisis management for the company, and are engaged in efforts to prevent risks from occurring. We perform daily environmental risk management based on the latest editions of established or updated environmental regulations. Our Environmental Management Committee sets activity targets and checks their progress, and an internal auditor oversees compliance. Also, to reduce the burden on the environment, we have established annual targets for power usage, water usage, paper usage, waste, and CO2 emissions, and the company has been making company-wide efforts to cut these figures down.

Global Environmental Conservation

Not only do we work to reduce the environmental burden in the IDEC Group's production activities, the products we deliver to our customers serve to help improve the environment on their sites, and minimize the impact on the environment at the end of their service life. This is the kind of product development and technology development we strive for. We also implement environmentally-friendly ideas in our facilities, aiming for ecological specifications throughout all our buildings so that customers who visit our company recognize once again the importance of the environment.

Environmental Business

We are using the control technology and the environmental technology cultivated by the IDEC Group to expand our environmentally-themed business, including mega-solar facilities, vegetation factories, and soil purification solutions.