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To Create Safety in Production Sites

IDEC Safety Concepts

For the IDEC Group, “contributing to the elimination of industrial accidents” is an important social responsibility. We provide various safety and explosion-protection products to a wide range of industries. The SB metallic switch box, developed in 1950 only three years after the founding of IDEC, was already built with interlock mechanism that ensures operator’s safety. This fundamental safety concept has been inherited to this day unchanged, as our DNA.

Development of Safety / Explosion-protection Products

Emergency-stop switch - XW Series

The mechanical indicator model shows the contact’s ON/OFF status, allowing operators to check the contact status even from a distance. High level safety can be achieved with IDEC’s unique safety structure, and the smooth and ridge-free button surface prevents dust build-up which is also easy to clean.

Operator interface with touch switch - EX4R-D44G

The intrinsically-safe, flameproof operator interface with touch switches can be used in zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous areas—such as petrochemical plant, painting applications, and gas station.

Intrinsically safe, explosion-protection structure grip switch - HE2G-X

The world’s first intrinsically safe grip style enabling switch certified with both Japan’s explosion proof test and machinery safety standard. Can be used in explosive atmosphere by connecting to an EB3N safety relay barrier.

Flameproof LED illumination unit - EF1A

Flameproof LED illumination unit that can be used in hazardous areas where hydrogen or other explosive gases exist. Available with angle-adjustable mounting bracket and ON/OFF illuminated switch for maximum user friendliness.

Force guided relay - RF2V

By detecting contact welding or damage in safety circuits, the force guided relay plays an integral part in detecting dangerous failures of safety control circuits.

Flameproof and Increased Safety Control Boxes - EC2C

Can be used in environment subject to any explosive gases and dust. Compliant with ATEX directive (EU directives for equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres), the control box is ideal for plant use in Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asian countries.

Participating in International Standardization of "Safety"

In order for our customers to feel reassured to use our products in a globalizing market, it is important to survey and analyze overseas standards related to control, various machines / devices, and systems, and to provide products that meet these standards. The IDEC Group has varied know-how through our development of products meeting various overseas standards, as well as our participation in international safety standardization activities. Above all, as the fields of safety standards, such as control safety, machine safety, and explosion-protection safety, become more sophisticated and more diverse by the day, we dispatch many of our expert employees to international committees and academic conferences every year, conveying outstanding safety technology to the world as a representative of companies in Japan. The world is globalizing. In order for our customers to feel assured to use our products in worldwide applications, we must conduct survey and analyze international standards related to control, machines/devices, and systems before developing products. The IDEC Group has an extensive knowledge that we have accumulated through developing products compliant with international standards, and participating in the creation of international safety standards. Among varied standards, safety-related standards such as machine safety and explosion-protection safety are becoming increasingly advanced and complex. Our experts actively and frequently join international meetings and conferences as the representatives of Japan, delivering our safety technology of excellence to the world.