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Proposals for Safe Manufacturing

When developing a new product for machine safety, we evaluate the potential risk of the product itself in all stages of development process as a manufacturer’s responsibility, and take necessary measures if required. We have established a cycle where in safety pros teach new pros; we train qualified safety assessors throughout our entire company, from R&D, Product Planning, and Sales, while performing the risk assessment both inside and outside the company. We inherit and further expand this Safety DNA to create IDEC’s safety culture.

Holding Seminars and Offering Safety Consulting

Holding Seminars

We hold "manufacturing safety seminars" and "explosion-proofing safety seminars."

Offering Safety Consulting


With extensive experience in manufacturing and vast knowledge of machine safety, we provide safety consultation service that helps you achieve both safety and productivity, such as identifying dangerous locations in production sites, evaluating risks, and drafting and implementing reduction measures.

Training Pros Who "Create Safety"

Training Qualified Safety Assessors

We encourage our employees to be qualified as a safety assessor. We also foster human resources that can correctly determine the validity of safety in the development, promotion, and consultation of safety products.

*Safety assessor qualification is a qualification system that certifies the holder has knowledge and skills of machine safety. It was established jointly by the Japan Certification Cooperation, Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association and TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.