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Initiatives for Society

Responsibility to Our Customers

The IDEC Group promises to develop, produce, and sell high-quality, high-performance products that provide "reassurance" and "safety" for our customers. Furthermore, we endeavor to provide sincere, attentive services and to disclose appropriate information, aiming to be a corporate group that wins customer trust.

Respect for Human Rights

The IDEC Group practices "management with respect for humanity," which is based on the concepts of "respecting people" and "nurturing people." We have determined a human resources management principle, which shows our basic concept not only on the respect for human rights, but also on matters such as the development of skills and training human resources, evaluation and benefits, and support for training the future management personnel. Furthermore, our "Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct" lay out our concept on the respect for human rights and our group's human rights policy.

Responsibility to Global and Local Communities

Since its founding, the IDEC Group has made "contributing to society through business growth" one of its management principles. Furthermore, not only do we contribute to society through our business activities, but from a larger perspective, each employee participates in society as a corporate citizen , supporting and promoting social contributions and volunteer activities in the local communities.