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HRM Policy

The IDEC Group practices "management with respect for humanity," which at its foundation "values people" and "nurtures people."

We have established the HRM Policy, which indicates our basic concept concerning not only respect for human rights but also ability development, human resources development, personnel evaluation and treatment, support for fostering the next generation and so on.
Moreover, in the Codes of Conduct, we stipulate our concept concerning respect for human rights and outline the Group's policies on this issue.


1. Value people
We will deploy human resources measures based on a spirit of "respect for humanity" and we will establish a culture in which people can grow.

2. Nurture people
We will nurture human resources so that they fully understand the intent and contents of our Management Policy and will be able to fulfill their individual missions and responsibilities through practicing and embodying it.

Human Resources Development Policy

The IDEC Group considers "nurturing and utilizing human resources who can autonomously make challenges" to be its policy of human resources development. Through clarifying the type of human resources that employees aspire to become, giving them opportunities to achieve their goals, and offering support from the company and superiors, we strive to develop human resources.

Human Rights Policy ("Codes of Conduct" Respect for Human Rights)

Holding respect for human rights in high regard, we consider human rights issues to be pertinent matters for each individual, and we participate in formation of a society that respects human rights based on correct understanding and awareness.