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To Improve Quality

Quality Assurance System

The quality assurance system for implementing "Quality IDEC" is established and operated in cooperation with each functional department in the quality management system (QMS) organization. Each functional department is committed to continuous improvement activities through the PDCA cycle on a daily basis.
Furthermore, we conduct company-wide quality meetings on a regular basis to manage the progress of the QMS organization as a whole and share information in order to enhance the process for further quality improvement.

Complaint Handling System


The Complaint Handling Setup of IDEC Group are conducted by organizations involved in quality management and quality assurance, which cooperate in close information sharing, and resolve quickly and functionally as well as prevent recurrence of complaints. Moreover, in the case of the most server matters, the Risk Management Committee, a specialized committee of the CSR Committee, has established a system to make the final decision.


Quality Education

To improve the quality level and awareness of quality throughout the company, we continuously provide systematic quality control training with a curriculum for each level of employees as part of our systematic quality education. Basically, quality knowledge should be understood utilized in their own work not only by employees in charge of quality control, but also by a wide variety of employees involved in the manufacturing process. From this perspective, in order to improve the ability of problem-solving and improvement of the entire organization, we conduct training to learn the basic quality control concepts and methods of statistically analyzing data, etc. We also encourage all employees to acquire a quality control certification* so that we can visualize the level of proficiency of each employee. The quality control concepts and statistical methods acquired through these quality education programs are put into practice in actual operations and in QC circles, leading to quality improvement and continuous improvement.
*Quality Control Certificate (QC Certificate) is an objective evaluation of knowledge of quality control through a writing test in Japan, which certifies the level of knowledge of quality control based on pre-determined standards.


QC Circle Activities

As a part of our quality control activities, employees who work on the frontline of their workplaces conduct ongoing QC Circle activities in each site geared to improving products and work, enhancing the skills of members, creating workplaces full of vitality and so on. Also, we stage the IDEC QC Circle Convention, an annual group convention. At this convention, selected teams from each business office present and share their initiatives and achievements as activity examples; awards are presented to the circles that conduct outstanding activities; and circle activities are vitalized with a view to realizing further improvements in the workplace.

IDEC QC Circle Convention (March 2024)

IDEC QC Circle Convention (March 2024)

QC circle activities lead to not only self-realization through the improvement of members' abilities, but also to more bright and motivating workplaces.
From the results of the first half of FY2023 questionnaire (level understanding chart)


Company-wide Quality Conference

The IDEC Group has production sites in 10 countries. To strengthen cooperation between domestic and overseas production sites and enhance quality on the global base, the Company-wide Quality Conference has been held. Through this conference, we aim to improve awareness of quality and strengthen cooperation among each site, which leads to the improvement of the quality management system of the entire IDEC Group. This conference brings together site and quality managers from production sites in each country to strengthen cooperation through sharing and discussing quality issues and improvement measures; moreover, managers in charge of development, logistics, purchasing and sales also cooperate in a company-wide effort to enhance quality.