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Optimize IIoT Practices | Solutions | EMEA

Check Machines with a Click: Remote Monitoring

You can see and do so much more when your equipment reports to you. IDEC gives you operating data on demand through a single dashboard to minimize downtime, reduce operating costs, increase productivity and address maintenance issues. An email alerts engineers and maintenance workers about what to expect before they arrive on site. Remote monitoring provides plant managers and equipment supervisors with the information they need to manage from anywhere and respond immediately.

Find Problem Products with a Scan: Traceable Systems

You can resolve problems more quickly when you can track the origin of products, such as medications or fresh produce. IIoT capabilities built with smart Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and an array of sensors, beacons and handheld scanners forms a layer of accountability over the manufacturing floor. Being able to scan barcodes to reveal supplier names and serial, lot and batch numbers, improves quality, reduces waste and enhances customer experience.

Automate Safety with Smart Devices: Production Line Safety

IDEC safety devices shut down the production line if something unexpected happens. They can also be programmed with protection configurations that change dynamically based on potential workplace hazards and simultaneously collect data to improve productivity and safety levels.

See Everything with Sensors: Smart Inspection

When your equipment is designed to notice the details—bottle caps secured, labels attached, tamper-proof seals affixed, assembly verified or manufacturing standards met—you can feel confident about your operation. IDEC controllers, beacons, sensors, touch panels and light towers provide quality control managers with an end-to-end system for detecting and reporting irregularities on the production line. Smart inspection lowers costs, improves quality and preserves your company’s reputation.