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Safety and Beyond | Solutions | EMEA

Isolate Workers from Injury: Collaborative Safety

Robots are being increasingly utilized to complement human workers.Human-robot collaboration improves efficiency, helps resolve workforce shortages and allows humans to add more value. However, when humans and robots work together in the same space, safeguards have to be in place to protect workers and reduce the likelihood of work stoppages due to human injuries.We produce components that detect humans and stop or slow machines when a potentially dangerous situation arises. Safe human-robot collaboration improves efficiency, helps resolve workforce shortages,and allows humans to add more value.

Future-Proof Your Production Line: Safety 2.0

As manufacturing and production facilities face the challenges and opportunities of highly developed information and communication technologies, a new concept for ensuring the safety of workers in a dynamic environment is emerging. In some settings, conventional safety measures, such as isolating human operators from hazards or stopping machines in an emergency situation, are not applicable or effective. Safety 2.0 maximizes productivity and efficiency and ensures safety by reducing risks to a tolerable level. It is a next-generation concept that enables humans and machines to collaborate seamlessly without barriers. It also makes an open, more productive manufacturing floor possible. IDEC is committed to the safety, peace of mind, health, and well-being of people in a constantly changing world.

Fix Failure Fast: Emergency-Stop Safety

Machines can malfunction for any number of reasons. Emergency-stop (E-stop) switches let machine operators shut down the equipment quickly before it causes injury. IDEC’s third-generation E-stop switches bring machines to a halt as soon as they are pushed. The widest variety of switches on the market are designed to a universal standard that enables a two-way turn and pull motion to prevent accidents. Our exclusive “Safe Break Action” technology provides a higher level of safety and work. The combination of these features enables design engineers to install IDEC E-stop switches in any kind of equipment.

Detect Opening and Closing Doors: Machine Safety

IDEC produces products such as safety interlock switches, light curtains, and laser scanners that monitor machine access points and perimeters. Our safety controllers can monitor multiple devices at the same time, while interlocking switches and sensors further eliminate risk and injury by detecting the presence of objects or people and keeping robots fenced off in isolated areas.

Put Protection in Play: Functional Safety

There are lots of ways to provide safety to workers in a collaborative setting where machines and humans work in close proximity. Equipping employees with emergency-stop switches and using sensors, scanners, and other devices to detect humans are options, but they respond to situations as they occur. Another approach is functional safety—automatic and predetermined protection based on likely human errors, hardware failures, and operational or environmental stress. The proper implementation of one or more automatic protection functions reduces the level of unacceptable risk on the production line. IDEC makes functional safety straightforward and easy to achieve by connecting safety circuits with the FS1A controllers. They meet universal safety requirements, require no programming, save space with minimal wiring, and cost less.

Learn from a Leader: Safety Consulting

Providing a safe workplace and giving employees a sense of trust and assurance without fear or stress requires more than installing components and devices on the manufacturing floor. It involves the development and implementation of a strategy to provide layers of safety and security. If one layer fails, others fall immediately into place. With almost seventy years of experience leading the industry in safety, IDEC can help you design a safety strategy that encompasses an understanding of the latest safety trends and incorporates risk-sensitive safety circuits. It also includes safety education for design engineers and risk assessments for equipment.

Locate the Weakest Link: Traceable Systems

Manufacturers need to be able to track and trace assets at all times. Food safety, for example, has become a recurring issue in many countries, and product recalls are more common. One way to prevent losses and danger to consumers is to process food in a manner that is accountable. IDEC provides programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and a range of sensors, beacons, and handheld scanners to help you track food for safety recalls, optimize operations, and reduce costs.