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We offer a broad range of automotive solutions that help solve industry challenges. IDEC supports increasingly intelligent and networked mechanical systems, so as companies innovate and become more automated, our solutions are right there with them.

Reduce maintenance work

Explosion-proof lighting. Reduce maintenance work by using explosion-proof lighting.
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Eliminate danger of robots

Production site robot collaboration.We can help eliminate the danger of robots with strict third-party assessment.
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Save time

Dual-action interlocking.A two-action interlock function prevents downtime caused by interlock device failure on safety fences.
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Simplify traceability system installation

Smart traceability. Code reader with high-performance direct parts marking (DPM) readability simplifies installation for traceability systems.
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Increase Inspection Accuracy

Smart inspection lighting. Increase inspection accuracy with high luminance surface-emitting lighting.
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Reliable Explosion-Proof Solutions

Explosion-proof hydrogen stations. Get reliable explosion-proof solutions for hydrogen stations.
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Reduce injuries

Smart safety gates. Reduce injuries within safety gates with smart technology that detects the presence of humans.
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Improve visibility and maintenance time

Large inductors. Improve visibility and reduce maintenance time using large inductors.
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Optimize small equipment safety

Optimize safety measures for small equipment.
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