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Small Display Device | EMEA

Multiple machine operations can be confirmed remotely using small display devices

Downtime due to production line stoppages leads to low production
A production engineer in charge of food processing machines had problems regarding adjustment and maintenance of various machines at food processing factory sites. Adjustment and maintenance was required for each machine or work process and it took time to check the status and make adjustments. Even if an error was found in one of the processes, the work that caused the error would be in a distant place so it was difficult for one worker oversee two devices. It would be either two people working on the site or a single person taking time to do the job. Manufacturing companies with mass production factories had problems due to downtime caused by production lines stopping, which caused decrease in production performance.

Use a smart device to check status of equipment at the optimum location
IDEC enables remote monitoring using small operator interfaces ideal for food processing machines. Data displayed on the operator interface can be checked remotely using a smartphone or a tablet from a location where the entire production site can be checked or where the error occurred. Machines can be stopped and started using the portable smart device, eliminating the need to be near the control panel, thus reducing the number of workers for monitoring and adjusting equipment with long production lines. Functions that were only available on large operator interfaces now can be used on small operator interfaces, reducing downtime and labor costs at various production sites.

IDEC Operator Interfaces can be used for various applications
IDEC’s HG1G Operator Interface is compact in size but equipped with abundant functions. Remote monitoring and control is easy by checking the screen of the operator interface without using special software in an event of adjustment on site, maintenance, or troubleshooting. With a screen and control function, it also supports a wide range of operating temperatures from -20 to 55 ºC, and is rated IP66F/IP67 and also ideal in a wash-down environment.
If you have any problems with visibility or operability, consult IDEC for HMI solutions.